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Hello mailinglist,

Following error message occured after start of system.
Log output comes from systemd (rauc.service)
systemctl status rauc.service

Apr 24 13:48:43 pixi-cdl100 rauc[478]: Write error on
  /dev/mmcblk3boot0: Operation not
  permitted                                       > Apr 24 13:48:43
pixi-cdl100 rauc[478]: Error: can't write fw_env to
  flash                                                              >
Apr 24 13:48:43 pixi-cdl100 rauc[478]: [[0;1;39mrauc mark: Failed
  marking 'rootfs.0' as good: Failed to run fw_setenv: Child process
ex> ited with code
                                                     > Apr 24 13:53:51

fw_utils have the correct setup, a manual call of fw_utils
shows the correct environment of uboot.

I fixed this problem with a script, starting before the rauc daemon,
forcing the mmcblk3bootX devices to enable read/write.

Why do I need to set the "force_ro" to 0, before rauc can access the u-
boot environment?
Why RAUC does not handle the "force_ro" after start?

Attached the script, which is triggered before the rauc daemon.

#!/bin/bash                              echo 0 >> 
echo 0 $gt;> /sys/block/mmcblk3boot1/force_ro

sorry for being a bit unresponsive, but I was only rarely in the office the last weeks. Did you resolve your issue?

Is that intentionally that you have the environment in the eMMC boot partitions? Don't you loose the state after updating the bootloader?

We had a similar question as issue on GitHub some time ago:


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