There is an additional issue that occurs when storing the files outside of the 
database and that is the speed of access.  After a few years when the folder 
that stores the images file grows to thousands of file, Window's  file access 
speed shows its ugly head.  You can have several second to simply find and 
access the image file.
I am currently working on incorporating these images in a table and have found 
almost instantaneous access of the requested records. Although access speed is 
the main reason I will be implementing these changes, the security advantages 
are enormous.  
I do have one important concern about this approach and that is table 
corruptions.  I have encounter a propensity to corruption on tables with blob 
columns that other tables.  Repairing tables with corrupt blob columns is a 
challenging endeavor.  Dependency on backup copies is essential and I foresee 
larger size database with additional backup time required.
All in all the future is 64bits and I may move on up on the next version.

M|D Enterprises

On September 15, 2016 10:54:50 AM PDT, "A. Razzak Memon" <> 
>Pretty soon they will learn their lesson.
>Working with BIG and security conscious clients is a whole different
>Today's R:BASE X Enterprise lives up to their highest expectations.
>If you didn't know already, certain features in R:BASE X Enterprise
>are eXclusively implemented for those clients in particular.
>Repair the roof while sun is still shining!
>If you don't someone else will.
>Very Best R:egards,
>At 01:21 PM 9/15/2016, karentellef via RBASE-L wrote:
>>Yep, one of my clients is on the Enterprise version of 10.  They were
>>on the 32-bit version of 7.6 previously so obviously we did NOT want
>>to risk storing PDF files internally as they were always close to the
>>2GB limit.
>>They have lots of PDF files for part blueprints.  Myself I would be
>>okay with storing them in a table only if (1) it is an Enterprise
>>(2) for security reasons they don't want external files stored on the
>>network, and (3) they do not need to access these PDF files
>>outside of RBase.  At this particular client, lots of people access
>>PDF files outside of RBase.
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>>From: A. Razzak Memon <>
>>To: rbase-l <>
>>Sent: Thu, Sep 15, 2016 12:10 pm
>>Subject: Re: [RBASE-L] - Save PDF file in a table
>>FWIW ...
>>Our Banking, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing, Fabrication, and
>>Security clients
>>using R:BASE X Enterprise (Version 10) have no problem storing and
>>managing all kinds
>>of files inside R:BASE for so many reasons as compared to leaving
>>everything outside.
>>Have you used R:BASE X Enterprise (Version 10) for yourself, or had
>>any first-hand
>>Did you know that there are NO LIMITS using R:BASE X Enterprise
>>(Version 10) when
>>comes to storing and managing any secured and sensitive data/files
>>inside R:BASE!
>>Very Best R:egards,
>>At 11:47 AM 9/15/2016, karentellef via RBASE-L wrote:
>> >I agree with Javier. I have stored small JPG or BMP files in my
>> >tables, but never PDF files. They can get SO big!
>> >
>> >Karen
>> >
>> >-----Original Message-----
>> >From: Javier Valencia <>
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>> >Sent: Thu, Sep 15, 2016 10:18 am
>> >Subject: RE: [RBASE-L] - Save PDF file in a table
>> >
>> >Daniele,
>> >
>> >Are you wanting to store the contents of a PDF file in a column?
>> >
>> >In my experience and much like graphic files, it is best to move the
>> >PDF files a to subdirectories and just store a link to the table
>> >
>> >I have an application where documentation comes in as photos, paper
>> >invoices or digital PDF files. The hard copies are scanned
>> >(multi-page TIFF Format)and converted to PDF documents and, along
>> >with the original digital files, moved to pre-set subdirectories and
>> >only the link along with description of the contents and other
>> >relevant information such as date and time and type of document are
>> >stored in the database.
>> >
>> >I learned a long time ago that storing the contents of large
>> >documents that do not change make the database grow very big and,
>> >when you back up the database, you are backing up information that
>> >does not and will not change; much better to keep it outside the
>> >database and keep the database small and compact.
>> >
>> >Javier,
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