FWIW ...

Changing the [Printer Font] setting will not change the display font for Editor. It only applies to

Try it and see what results you get.

The approach provided to Stepehen is the appropriate method to change, as you see fit.

Very Best R:egards,


At 11:54 PM 9/16/2016, Bruce Chitiea wrote:


Not knowing R:azzak's approach, I simply set my editor to use the Printer Font (for me: Courier
New 10pt, monospaced so's everything lines up).

Settings > R:Base Editor > Printer Font > Use Printer Font

I maintain an installation of the stand-alone R:BASE Editor product for ALL non-coding text editing.

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Thanks, Razzak.

Does this mean if I want everything to be Tahoma 10 in the editor, I need to change the font for every
type of text in the schema?

The jpgs you posted show an option to use the default font, which I assume is Courier New 10. Can that
font be changed?


Stephen Markson
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At 11:08 AM 9/16/2016, Stephen Markson wrote:

I'm sorry if this is incredibly obvious stupid, but how do I set the
default font for the R:Base Editor?

Here's how ...

00. Database Explorer > Main Menu ...
01. Choose "Settings" > "R:BASE Editor" from the Menu Bar
02. Select the "Edit Syntax Schema..." button
03. Highlight the "R:BASE" Schema, and choose the "Edit" button
04. On the second tab control, select the "Comments" tab

There is a whole slew of individual things you can change the font on by editing individual preferences.

That's all there is to it!

Very Best R:egards,


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