At 04:09 PM 9/16/2016, Stephen Markson wrote:

Thanks, Razzak.

Does this mean if I want everything to be Tahoma 10 in the editor, I need to change the font
for every type of text in the schema?


Yes, indeed!

Very Best R:egards,


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At 11:08 AM 9/16/2016, Stephen Markson wrote:

>I'm sorry if this is incredibly obvious stupid, but how do I set the
>default font for the R:Base Editor?

Here's how ...

00. Database Explorer > Main Menu ...
01. Choose "Settings" > "R:BASE Editor" from the Menu Bar
02. Select the "Edit Syntax Schema..." button
03. Highlight the "R:BASE" Schema, and choose the "Edit" button
04. On the second tab control, select the "Comments" tab

There is a whole slew of individual things you can change the font on by editing individual

That's all there is to it!

Very Best R:egards,


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