I'm wondering if I can make the Advanced Rich Text report control work for what 
I need.

In this legal document, I need to locate about a dozen variable-length fields 
on the left, followed by a closing parens and some text to the right.  
Obviously, the closing parents all need to line up.

Using regular DB Label controls, the maximum field width is located, with the 
paren on the right and all is good.  But in Rich Text, I can't find a way to 
say "start the field here and always end it here", so the paren floats and 
follows the inserted field.

Adding to that, the first field (the Plaintiff name) is long and can possibly 
fill 2 lines (although never longer), so I need that to wrap.

Here's an example of several different lengths of things and how it affects the 
lineup.  Would I have to use table/columns for this?  And if so, would that 
allow me to wrap that first name if necessary?


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