I’ve been going round and round with this for about a week now.


I have Windows Standard Server 2012 (Stand Alone) IIS8


I create a Web aspx forms in C#, .net asp through Visual Studio 2013 RBase X / 
Oterro X enterprise.


Everything works on my development PC (Windows 10 Pro) through VS2013


I move the published files to Windows Standard Server 2012 and everything works 
until the code hits the connection OPEN() line. The program just hangs there. I 
sure I’m missing some setting but I can’t seem to find it. I granted permission 
to the database (actually to the folder). 


Any thoughts or workarounds welcomed.


As a side note I created test program running against SQL Server 2014 and no 
problems. My goal is to make this work using RBase/Oterro XE






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