If you are able to test the connection using a DSN and DSN-Less connection, that confirms the
perfect installation and configuration of Oterro X Enterprise.

The last thing I would verify the inclusion of SCRATCH C:\Temp (line #18) in the OterroXE.cfg
file, and making sure that C:\Temp exists with "full access" to all users.

Looking at screen shots, I would also recommend to upgrade the OS to "Windows Server 2012R2".
It is a FREE upgrade.

Good luck!

Very Best R:egards,


At 10:58 PM 9/18/2016, Buddy Walker wrote:

I checked and was able to connect to database with dsn and dsn-less with no problem both using Oterro. I just thought there was some setting I'm missing on Windows Standard Server.
I'll keep looking around and maybe I will stumble on the setting :-) .

I've attached 3 screen shots and compared them with yours. Just one version difference.

Thanks for your reply.


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At 06:21 PM 9/17/2016, Buddy Walker wrote:

>I've been going round and round with this for about a week now.
>I have Windows Standard Server 2012 (Stand Alone) IIS8
>I create a Web aspx forms in C#, .net asp through Visual Studio 2013
>RBase X / Oterro X enterprise.
>Everything works on my development PC (Windows 10 Pro) through VS2013
>I move the published files to Windows Standard Server 2012 and
>everything works until the code hits the connection OPEN() line. The
>program just hangs there. I sure I'm missing some setting but I can't
>seem to find it. I granted permission to the database (actually to the
>Any thoughts or workarounds welcomed.
>As a side note I created test program running against SQL Server
>2014 and no problems. My goal is
>to make this work using RBase/Oterro XE


We have deployed very complex and mission critical business
applications on Windows Server 2012R2
using a combination of R:BASE X Enterprise, Oterro X Enterprise,
Java, Java Script, and Node.js
for all our Web Portals as well as R:BASE X Enterprise Cloud Applications.

and a lot more ...

Without knowing all details, here are a few suggestions for you ...

01. Verify the proper installation of Oterro XE (Version 10) on
Windows Server 2012R2
     Use the C:\RBTI\OterroXE\CheckVerX.exe utility installed on the server

     See attached WinServer2012R2_Oterro_XE_CheckVer.jpg

02. Use the "ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)" driver option to define the
"System DSN"

     For example, take a look at attached ..

03. To verify a fully configured DSN connection, start R:BASE XE on
the Server, Connect to the
     sample RRBYW19 database, and then use the following two methods
to verify the connections:

     SCONNECT systemDSNname IDENTIFIED BY password
     SATTACH tablename USING ALL
     BROWSE * FROM sattachedtablename


     SCONNECT ';driver=Oterro X Enterprise Database Driver
     SATTACH tablename USING ALL
     BROWSE * FROM sattachedtablename

04. Last but not least, make sure that you are using the multi-user
version of Oterro XE on
     on Windows Server 2012R2

     In a multi-user, multi-threat, and multi-session setup, Oterro
XE (Single Site Unlimited)
     Oterro XE (Single Application Unlimited), or at least Oterro XE
(Multi-User, not single
     user) version is recommended.

Hope that provides you with some blue's clues ...

Very Best R:egards,


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