Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tip of the Day: Autofill Column Descriptions in Data Designer
Product.......: R:BASE X and R:BASE X Enterprise (Version 10)
Build.........: or higher
Section.......: Data Designer
Keywords......: Column Definition, Comment, Description

Did you know that when adding a new column to a table, if the same column name already exists in another table, along with the matching data type and length, the new column
description will be automatically populated?

Because all common column names must have the same data type definition, by specifying
a column name which already exists in the database, its data type will populate
automatically. The column description will now be filled in to match the existing
column description in the other table(s).

This enhancement demonstrates the many ease-of-use features built into the R:BASE's
stable relational database environment.

One of the most important aspects in business growth is your company's data, and no one else has more invested in your success than R:BASE Technologies. Invest forward
with R:BASE!

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