Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tip of the Day: Capture Data and EEP Support in the Data Browser
Product.......: R:BASE X and R:BASE X Enterprise (Version 10)
Build.........: or higher
Section.......: Data Browser, Commands
Keywords......: BROWSE, EDIT, EEP, Command File

Did you know that mouse clicks can be used to capture data and launch command files
within the Data Browser, through the BROWSE and EDIT commands?

This "two-fold" feature was implemented for operators to utilize the displayed data in
the Data Browser for further processing!

The first part captures the "column name" and "cell value" information into variables when clicking on the Data Browser cell. The second part allows "On Cell Click" or "On Cell Double Click" EEP support, to launch an external command file for the appropriate
mouse click.

Through the BROWSE and EDIT commands, new parameters support the ability to capture
the data and launch the external command file:

. CURRENT_FIELD_VALUE_VAR - captures the field value for the current focused cell
 . CURRENT_FIELD_VAR - captures the column name for the current focused cell

 . ON_CELL_CLICK_EEP - executes the EEP command file when a cell is clicked
. ON_CELL_DBL_CLICK_EEP - executes the EEP command file when a cell is double-clicked


-- Opens the Contacts table in the Data Browser with names and email addresses
-- Launches the LaunchContactEmail.rmd file when a cell is double clicked
   BROWSE CustID,ContFName,ContLName,ContEMail FROM Contact +
   OPTION CAPTION 'Contact Email Addresses' +
   |CURRENT_FIELD_VAR vCurFieldName +
   |ON_CELL_DBL_CLICK_EEP LaunchContactEmail.rmd

-- LaunchContactEmail.rmd
-- Verifies ContEMail is clicked, then launches the email
   SET VAR vClickedField TEXT = (.vCurFieldName)
   IF vClickedField = 'ContEMail' THEN
      SET VAR vMailTo TEXT = NULL
      SET VAR vMailTo = ('mailto:'+.vCurFieldValue)
      LAUNCH &vMailTo

One of the most important aspects in business growth is your company's data, and no one else has more invested in your success than R:BASE Technologies. Invest forward
with R:BASE!

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