Good Morning Lena,

How about taking the leap and migrating all legacy DOS stuff to "XE", Olympic style? Life will be much easier and productive!

I know that is very easy for me to say :)

Very Best R:egards,


At 08:35 AM 2/12/2018, Lena Dammstrom wrote:

Thank you for the confirmation
Also Albert thank you for your response


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FWIW ...

The INITVAL option for CHOOSE command was implemented on August 10, 2016, R:BASE X and R:BASE X Enterprise (Version 10), Build:

Very Best R:egards,


At 05:20 PM 2/9/2018, Albert Berry wrote:

>I just checked 9.5_64 WIN and INITVAL is not in the help search. Maybe
>it was added in RBGX
>>On Feb 9, 2018, at 3:00 PM, Lena Dammstrom <> wrote:
>>Hi all.
>>I am wondering/trying to confirm…
>> >
>>Is the OPTION INITVAL available for CHOOSE command in RBase for DOS?
>>My gut is telling windows only.

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