Layers of wool, thin ones, for me, too. Two are good down to 40, add an Ibex
wool/syntho blend vest down to freezing, add another layer of wool under the
vest down to about 20 or a bit below, if it isn't too windy. Legs: wool
knickers with double cloth in front, and Rick's socks, down to about
freezing, then my ancient and still very wearable heavy Hind windfront
tights, one of my best garment purchases ever. Head: Target mostly-wool
imitation Peru hat with flaps that tie under the chin down to about
freezing; below that, add a thin balaclava underneath. Hands: wool glove
liners down to about 40, lighter padded mitts down to freezing, then some
heavy duty padded mitts with, if needed, the wool liners, down to just below
20. Outdoor Research nylon sheaths over heavy boiled wool mittens are also
good, but the nylon makes it very awkward to do anything except grab the

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