Seeing a list of the current offerings resulted in my choosing different 
bikes than I posted in the original thread!  

I'm torn on the "if you lost all your bikes" question because my preference 
would be a 26" Atlantis but the 56cm version has too short a top-tube and 
the next size up has 700c wheels.  I reluctantly chose the Hunqapillar but 
I'm hoping the new 56cm 650B Hunq makes me more enthusiastic about the 

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 10:38:15 PM UTC-5, Scott McLain wrote:
> Okay,
> So to follow on to Tim's thread.  I have created a survey.  I will publish 
> the survey results here regularly as they come in.
> If this is offensive or problematic to anyone at Riv HQ, just let me know 
> and I will take it down. 
> Here is the link.
> There are three questions:
> - How many Riv's do you own?
> - What five models should Riv continue to carry?  I limited this to five 
> to force folks to prioritize and choose.  You can choose less than five but 
> no more.
> - If you lost all your bikes, which Rivendell would you purchase new 
> first?  What I am trying to get at is what is the one Riv that you just 
> couldn't live without.  I know that this may not be a good case study since 
> your bike mix determines what you buy. For instance if you had an AHH and a 
> Hunq you would be less likely to purchase an Atlantis.  But if you could 
> only have one, you may want the Atlantis.  But it seamed like a relevant 
> question.
> There is also a section for comments.  

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