The bearings I bought finally showed up and I had some time today, so I got 
to work.
Followed the directions for disassembling the hub to find that the original 
bearings were fine. Smoother than the new ones actually.
I put everything back together with a new freewheel (I had it and that was 
easier than cleaning the old one) new chain and new inner tube.
Adjusted the chain tension, adjusted the brakes and took it for a test ride.
And ... no more clicking.

None of the things I changed could have possibly been the cause. But there 
it is. 
And I learned how to take my hub apart.


On Friday, August 26, 2016 at 12:55:38 AM UTC+3, Jay in Tel Aviv wrote:
> Requesting the help of you wise list members to stop the clicking from the 
> rear wheel of my Sam Hillborne.
> The wheel is an Eno hub expertly laced to an A23 rim by Anthony of 
> Longleaf. Still round and true after 2 years of commuting 60-100 miles/week.
> The clicking happens once I hit a certain speed but regardless of whether 
> I am sitting or standing (rule out the saddle and seatpost), pedaling or 
> coasting (rule out chain, crank, freewheel).
> Sheldon says it must be coming from loose spokes. But the each pair of 
> same side spokes emit the same tone when plucked, and the wheel is 
> otherwise perfect.
> I brought it to my LBS who also says the spokes are not to blame, and 
> wants me to replace the hub bearings.
> Is this a reasonable guess? The hubs spin beautifully but the clicking is 
> driving me nuts.
> What say you wise ones?
> Jay in TLV, where it is not at all simple to procure the common in the US 
> sealed bearings specified by WI, so I would like to be fairly sure before 
> ripping my hubs apart

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