I concur with Tim.  Eastern Kansas is anything but flat and actually Kansas 
continues to be hilly all the way through the Smokey Hills in West Central 
Kansas. The Wicked Wilson Gravel Ride (Russell, KS) was the most climbing 
I've ever encountered outside of Colorado.  There are plenty of flat 
prairies, don't get me wrong, but the terrain varies greatly across the 
state.Anyway, I live near the Country Club Plaza and work in Olathe, so I 
too am about 30-40 min. east of Lawrence.

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 1:27:23 PM UTC-5, Tim wrote:
> Boulevard Brewing indeed! I live (sort of) in Olathe, 30 min. east of 
> Lawrence on K10, but I'm not here much because I work out of town and only 
> get home every month or two. In fact I was in CT for 3 years and rode 
> several brevets with DC Randonneurs. At any rate, this area of Kansas is 
> definitely not flat. Lots and lots of rolling hills. There are routes where 
> you can climb 6000-7000 ft. in a 200KM ride. That's certainly not the 
> elevation gains I got on the east coast but it is by no means flat. There 
> is plenty of good gravel (you're not far from the Dirty Kanza ride), if 
> you're into that, and quite a bit of singletrack, ranging from easy to 
> pretty technical (most of the technical stuff I know of is closer to the KC 
> area, but it's not that that far. 

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