I use a 9sp MTB triple with a small 22 front and 36 rear on my general 
riding and touring bike (Specialized AWOL), and I have found times I would 
have been glad to have a 40 or 42 in back on loose steep and/or very long 
loaded climbs.  So sorry I schlepp too much gear to suit you. I find it 
just right for my needs and wants.  It is certainly possible I could have 
walked these climbs too (and sometimes have), but some have been on tight 
enough trails to make riding more practical than walking.  I think it is 
cool that some folks are using off the shelf items in innovative ways to 
get people riding where they otherwise might not.

John G in Union Bridge, MD

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 11:45:50 PM UTC-4, Clayton.sf wrote:
> <snip>
> 40t cogs are the domain of 1x gearing IMO, unless it is an academic 
> exercise or you are schlepping too much much gear. 22x40 - you would likely 
> be able to walk as fast. And... why not use at triple at that point. 
> Personally I like short cage derailers for dirt or none at all and don't go 
> beyond 36 in a cassette.
> <snip>
> Clayton Scott
> SF, CA

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