The paths in the villages were great for getting to school as a kid, less 
so for commuting to high school and a job as I got older.  Columbia/Howard 
County traffic is very unpleasant on a bike to me now.  Even Frederick is 
getting pretty busy.

You kids get off of my lawn...

John G in Union Bridge, MD

On Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 3:56:01 PM UTC-4, Lungimsam wrote:
> I took some pics over the summer of some more rides to meet my wife at the 
> Indian buffet in Columbia, MD.
> It is a nice ride as you get to ride through some of the Columbia villages 
> along the way, and see all the 60'-70's built homes. It is fun to ride 
> through the villages and remember how they were when I was a kid, and to 
> see how the old homes look now. A sunny place in the 1970's, the baby trees 
> that were planted throughout the villages have now grown large and form 
> canopies over many of the streets, for nice and cool shaded rides.
> Lakes can be found in each village. Some are obvious and large, some small 
> and tucked away off back streets.
> This one along the way is one of the latter that I only discovered over 
> the last year, as it is in a neighborhood tucked away at the end of one of 
> the larger roads.
> Anyway, here are some pics. Enjoy! There are also some pics included from 
> last year, too.:

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