SunTour Power Ratchet shifters, the DT type or thumbshifters ?!  Yes, I am 
interested to know more if they are the thumb variety only, the models how 
many and condition, etc. , and waiting is no problem .  Also, any ST or 
Shimano double or triple FD's.  Maybe some ST or Dia-Compe brake cable 
straddle/yoke carriers, I like the ST ones very much to the DC. I own some 
black ones but any color will do .  I assume these came with brakes only 
but of course they are always tossed in the parts bin in favor of something 

Thanks Patrick !

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 6:40:12 PM UTC-4, Patrick Moore wrote:
> Stevie's has a caseful of old Shimano and Suntour bits; I noticed today a 
> Mountech rd, a first gen 600 rd (with the pantographed logo -- outandingly 
> pretty); a pair of nice Power Ratchets; and a shiny Campy Gran Turismo, the 
> one that weighs 2 lb and spreads across 64 sq inches of shiny chromed 
> steel. I hear it was a horror, but for sheer shiny looks it must be worth 
> something.
> I'll be happy to photo and get particulars if anyone is interested, as 
> long as the shopper is patient.
> Patrick Moore, who was surprised, gratified, humbled, and pleased today to 
> get severely discounted prices for a wheel build and various bits.
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