On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 8:31:16 AM UTC-7, Patrick Moore wrote:
> I expect that Patrick hasn't so much lost interest in cycling as in 
> cycling lists, given what I've heard about the benefit that cycling, and in 
> particular, Rivendellian/Grantian cycling has had to his life. I know 
> another Patrick who ought to spend less time bothering cycling lists ...

I can sorta relate. I use to be a frequent contributor to this list and 
certainly checked-in on it daily. I don't think it was time wasted at all 
and am quite grateful for everything it showed me or encouraged me to see. 
After my daughter was born, there just wasn't the time, or energy, to 
follow this list as closely. My riding scaled back a bit. And in fact, I 
even sold my Hilsen. I still cycle daily and have even branched out my 
cycling by returning to mountain biking (I sold my Hilsen to buy a 
Krampus). I peek in on the Riv website from time to time and enjoy it. My 
LHT is set-up in a very Rivish manner with Noodles, Brooks, VP platform 
pedals, Sugino cranks, etc. But I have some other bikes which are less 
Rivish.  Some of you I still follow on Flickr. I continue to post on Flickr 
but not quite as frequently. My daughter just turned 3. It's amazing how 
the time flies. I'm stuck at work today but it's slowed down for the 
moment. Wishing you all the best. My favorite part of this list has always 
been and remains ride reports. Keep them coming.


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