Bike is sold!

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 7:51:54 PM UTC-7, Jeremy Till wrote:
> Hey Folks-
> My Quickbeam is up for sale.  It's an amazing bike that I've been lucky to 
> own, but I just got a Clem that I'm super happy with and I've been riding 
> it and my other (many geared) bikes more.  
> Many around here probably know the story, but this is an orange frame from 
> the second batch (circa 2006).  I acquired it from Riv in 2011, when they 
> were closing out the SimpleOnes.  I was thinking a 62cm SimpleOne would 
> work, but Vince didn't think it would be big enough for me, so he 
> disappeared into the backroom and came back with this beauty.  I was sold 
> on the spot.  I guess it had been a frame that had been sold and then 
> returned without having been built up, and had been sitting in storage 
> until I came along.  
> The frame is functionally perfect but does show some beausage as befits a 
> bike that was ridden for everyday transportation for a few years.  The 
> decals on the downtube have some wear from the frame being locked, and 
> there's an area on the top tube were the paint was wore through to the 
> primer after rubbing against a concrete bollard.  No dents or dings, and no 
> rust that I can see.  The only decal I added was a build sticker from the 
> bike shop where I used to work, Blue Heron Bikes in Berkeley (now a 
> stocking Riv dealer!) on the upper part of the seat tube.  
> The complete build is: 
> -64cm QB frame and fork
> -Chris King headset, sans logos
> -Nitto Bosco Bullmoose handlebars (fillet brazed), 58cm
> -Nitto S84 (lugged) seatpost
> -Brooks B17 Standard, black
> -170mm Sugino GT cranks w/ 40t Sugino ring, Shimano UN54 BB
> -Silver Surly Ultra New track hubs, rear is fixed/free, laced with 32 
> double butted spokes to H+Son TB14 silver rims.  These are cool because the 
> allow the use of axle bolts (female axle) or quick releases without 
> swapping any parts; the rear currently sports a proper enclosed cam 120mm 
> QR skewer to allow for quick gear changes, just like the original QB 
> wheels. I'll also include the axle bolts.  
> -Specialized "Fatboy Sport" 700x45 skinwall tires, measure ~40mm on these 
> rims.  You could probably still even get a fender in there!
> -Rear hub currently has a 17/19t Surly Dingle Cog with All-City lockring 
> on the fixed side and an 18t ACS Crossfire freewheel on the free side.  
> -SRAM PC-830 chain.  
> -Tektro CR720 cantilever brakes (silver), Paul Canti levers (silver 
> levers, black clamp)
> -Oury Grips
> -Pedals are currently some big Diamondback BMX flat pedals with 
> reflectors; they feel great but the bearings are a little bit crunchy. 
>  Your favorite pedals here.  If you want some used MKS Touring Lites or 
> Time ATACs, I could swap those in.  
> Pictures of all of my various setups on this bike are here; the most 
> recent ones at the bottom are pretty much as I am selling it: 
> Note: in the most recent pictures it has Origin8 brake levers, but I will 
> be swapping in the Pauls before I ship it.  
> I'd like to get $1500 for it.  I'm located in Sacramento, CA, so easy 
> local pickup for anyone in the SF Bay Area or greater NorCal.  I'd be happy 
> to ship it as well.  Let me know if you have any questions or want a 
> specific picture of something.  
> Thanks,
> Jeremy

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