As I eagerly await the arrival of my grey Cheviot, I continue to 
contemplate the last details of the build.  Everything is in place except 
for the wheels and tires.  I've yet to try any of the Compass tires, but I 
am intrigued by the new Snoqualmie Pass tires.  I would love to hear your 
thoughts on the ride that those tires provide on your Cheviot.


On Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 10:50:26 AM UTC-4, Clayton.sf wrote:
> It is neat that they changed some details even for the orange. Mine is all 
> orange. New ones have cream accents. Both are nice.
> Just put some new Snoqualmie pass tires on mine. The ride now is even 
> amazinger! Truly a sheep with wings.
> Love that bike! If I lost mine today, I'd get another tomorrow.
> Clayton Scott 
> SF, CA

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