Sure, I can pull my bar/stem out and take whatever measurements you like. 
 They have one on display at Riv, so if you call them I'm sure they can 
measure them all you like and you'll have all your answers in a minute or 
two.  I'll be home and able to take measurements for you in about 7 hours.

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 1:25:10 PM UTC-7, A CT Cyclist wrote:
> Can anyone on the list provide the following stats for the Choco bullmoose 
> bars. How much extension do they have? How much height does the stem 
> provide? For instance a Technomic stem might be 50 to 120 mm long and have 
> a minimum insertion of 225 mm from the headset.

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