Jan Heine indicated that the Compass tires, which are now considered the 
best of the best, will never come in red because he doesn't feel it's the 
best performing compound.  Here is a direct quote of Jan from his blog 
(found by googling "Compass tires in red?").  This quote was in response to 
a direct question "when will you offer them in red?"

Right now, there are no plans for different tread colors. We have found 
that especially in the wet, the black tread offers the best grip, and our 
tires are optimized for performance, so any other color wouldn’t make much 

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 11:19:48 AM UTC-7, Chris Birkenmaier 
> Bill are you saying that the red Hertes would not wear or perform as well 
> as the black/white tires?  I eould like good performance and aestetics 

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