Going on a trip to Wyoming shortly, and have some stuff that haven’t seen 
much use and trying to pack lighter on my biking trips, shipping CONUS via 


Compass Rat Trap Pass Extra Light version, black (pair). ran them 40 miles 
tubeless - $125 shipped

MAP / Ahearne Bars 610mm - $37 + shipping (should run about $8-12 dollars 

Paul Long Pull Brake levers (v-brake compatible) - $70 shipped

Microshift 10 speed MTB thumb shifters, compatible with Shimano Dynasys 
Rear derailleurs - $40 shipped

Brooks Ergon Grips, brown leather - $60 shipped

Nitto 25.4 short quill stem - $25 shipped

Smart Sam Folding Bead Tubeless Compatible 26x2.15 - $45 shipped

Schmidt SON Seat Post Tail Light (dynamo powered), new. Decided to do 
Compass Tail Light while getting frame modified after I got this light - 
$65 shipped

Carradice Camper Long Flap saddle bag, used once commuting loads of space - 
$120 shipped

Fairweather Half Frame Bag, XPAC Black - $55 shipped

Road Runner Front Runner bag, attaches to mini front rack and handlebars, 
XPAC black. Used a few times, I won’t be sorry if this doesn’t sell - $110 

Randi Jo Bartender Bag, Black Corduroy, used once. Got two of these, but 
one is good for me - $30 shipped

If you buy multiple things and I can cut down on shipping, I can certainly 
pass the savings down to you.

I'll try to get a link up with pictures when I get home, but might be 
working on my Pelican instead (off days are hard to come by these days). 
Shoot me a PM and I'll just email you pics from my phone. 

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