Although I am a short term Rivendell owner,  I had an XO-1 for many years and 
have ridden other "Rivish" bikes for some time. I cut my serious cycling teeth 
riding light weight Cruisers or Klunkers. I was racing mountain bikes for 
several years when I was riding the local bike path when a group of roadies 
passed me, I was not going  fast, but  that whole competitive thing kicked in 
and before long I had caught them up, passed them and proceeded to just check 
out! Felt good, but it took a lot of energy and I was done riding sooner than I 
planned. That got me to thinking.  The performance of my mountain bike was just 
close enough to that of the road bikes of the time, that I could do that and as 
long as I could do it I would! I thought "if I was riding my Clunker I would 
not feel compelled to run with those people",  because I realistically couldn't!
That is basically what I did & I've been unracing for 20+ years now!

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