Thank You! It's a 62 cm

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 7:02:02 AM UTC-4, Michael Hechmer wrote:
> Don't worry your still in the race - the human race.  The winner is the 
> one who becomes more  fully human.  Nice bike, but very big!
> Michael
> On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 6:28:15 PM UTC-4, Broccoli Cog wrote:
>> Hello All, I am fairly new to the group and have been reading and taking 
>> in some of the information shared here for the last few weeks.  My cycling 
>> history has been heavily influenced by racing. My competitive experience 
>> has been in road, mountain and cyclocross. I had gotten to the point where 
>> riding a bike was no longer simply just riding a bike. I called it 
>>  "training" and I always followed a structured plan and even had a cycling 
>> coach.  In short riding became like work and took all the fun out of it. I 
>> knew something had to change as I could no longer sustain my chosen path. 
>> At the end of the day I am just a guy with a regular job and a family.  I 
>> had been aware of Grant Peterson and the folks at Rivendell for several 
>> years now. While my interest was piqued when I first learned of them I 
>> never fully embraced the Rivendell style. As I began to build up my 
>> conditioning for another season of racing I happened to read Grant's book 
>> "Just Ride" the words on the pages leapt out at me getting to the heart of 
>> everything that I had been thinking.  It was time for me to make a change. 
>> While the book is full of many nuggets of wisdom there is one short 
>> sentence in the book that really resonated with me. It read, *A bicycle 
>> should make your life better, not take it over and boss you around*.  My 
>> bike and my immersion in the racing subculture had taken over my life. So I 
>> took a giant step back and reevaluated the time and effort I was putting 
>> into the sport of cycling. I decided to sell off three bikes, several 
>> wheelsets and many random parts that I felt I no longer needed. Frankly, 
>> It's a little embarrassing to think about how much money I had spent on 
>> bikes and cycling equipment through the years. The money raised from 
>> selling off all of this stuff was used to purchase one awesome Sam 
>> Hillborne. I love this bike as much as one can love a bicycle. It's 
>> everything I need an nothing more. I have been riding it everywhere. On the 
>> road, bike paths, single track, gravel, you name it. Sam does it all well 
>> and it's comfortable as a bike can be. I thought I would post a picture of 
>> it so you can all see how it turned out. I went with the complete bike that 
>> Rivendell offers later adding a Marks Rack, SaddleSack X-small bag and a 
>> Swift Industries Handlebar bag. I love it!

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