>From what I understand the lower end simplex bands could be either ISO 
>standard M5x0.8 thread or a now little used/seldom found batard/ coarse 
>thread. Not sure where prestige line would land.  If ISO, then the length 
>should be about 20 mm, and a button head socket screw in rounded profile 
>should be easy to find in stainless. I assume if you have braze on mounts they 
>would be threaded to ISO. 

On Flickr, verktyg gives great details about these shifters, And the bands they 
came with and can be retrofitted to. 

Here's one direct link: https://flic.kr/p/a2py7V
Read around in that album. Also, there's a guy selling old huret bands tapped 
to iso for either downtube shifters or sti stops. Around $15. 

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