I'm with Grant sizing wise 100% on this one about not letting top tube length 
lead you around to much by the nostrils. My experience with the top tube length 
has been it is pretty easy to adjust for with a shorter / longer stem and 
depending on how high your bars are much of that length can be easily eaten up. 
Also if you do happen to look at the geometry chart on surly's website you will 
notice that the ETT lengths in the 56 58 sizes of cross check and pacer are 
very similar. Doesn't really make sense to compare the smaller sizes to middle 
and larger range. Bikes grow taller much more than they grow longer as sizes go 
up. Also surly did a little write up about how smaller frames will end up with 
longer top tubes due to a number of factors. It's worth the read. So again IMHO 
either frame should have you close enough depending on what you are looking 
for. Sportier clubish fastish rides 56, bit more distance / comfort oriented 
but still spirited 58... If I were you I'd personally lean toward the 58. Again 
just my .02 and I still think the 60 would be worth considering !)

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