PBH is no absolute either, no method is !  This may be the most 
difficult thing to understand because people are so used to having other 
people tell them what they should want or be like. There are many variables 
of why a frame may be "just right" or not, some you can't even put into 
words let alone any "formula". I look at bike fit as quite personal, as in 
know thyself as no one else does or possibly could.  

  I say forget about trying to "fit into"  a certain bike or frame. We all 
know what we really want but for whatever no good reason it is self denied 
by "settling" for what we don't completely want. Sorry, "money" is not a 
limiting factor, it's just another excuse which amounts to nothing.  This 
is not good or bad, it is what it is, not much as the perfect ride is all 
that matters !

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