I don't think it was mentioned and it's a great point about the bars. Lots of 
stuff plays into sizing. Perhaps he would like to offer more info and someone 
could offer a more specific response. Or maybe he was already leaning towards 
one and was looking for a bit of reassurance. Don't know. Hopefully some of the 
feedback he gets will be helpful though. I know I've bought a few bikes sight 
unseen for ok, better, and worse. It's a tough spot to be in because nice bikes 
can be kinda expensive and you tend to lose your butt if you decide to sell 
cause you don't dig the fit. Had happened to me a few times. For example I 
originally  bought a 52 Sam H. And after riding and remeasuring my PBH decided 
it was a bit small...so then I bought a 56 and wow that felt like a huge jump 
in size. I never got comfortable and sold it. Truth be told they were 
technically both fine and great bikes But I was doing the whole hand wringing 
thing. In the end though a 56 atlantis feels much better to me then either of 
the sams...any way lost my behind on both bikes / frames so the topic is kinda 
close to my heart and if I can help a brother out in this area I do my best to 
point in a reasonable direction. I think performance / competitive has a fit 
calculator out there that offers three frame sizes calling them french, eddy, 
and something else...maybe try that see what shakes out.

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