Another very happy user here. I have two boxy bags and two racks. I also have a 
Berthoud medium bag on a decaleur on another bike. The Berthoud is only 
marginally bigger. The boxy bag is plenty big for a brevet unless I need a lot 
of spare clothing, in which case the Berthoud is too small, too. The magnetic 
closure on the boxy bag is much handier than the elastic cord closure on the 
Berthoud. On the other hand, the built in map case on the Berthoud is way 
better than the add-on case from RBW.  As noted, it is a real boon to be able 
to mount a handlebar bag on any of my bikes. Well, I haven't put it on my Riv 
Road with a Campy brifter setup.  I suspect the cables might interfere with 
mounting the rack there. 

Ted Durant

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