I purchased an Appaloosa frame on Monday. I'll currently prepping the frame 
with BoeShield. I'll post pictures when things progress. I'm happy to be 
part of the RBW Owners Bunch!

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 11:17:44 AM UTC-7, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> I love my Joe Appaloosa.  It is a freaking great bike.  I did my 35 mile 
> hilly commute to work again today and I just love how I can ride as hard as 
> I like and still arrive at work fresh.  I'm not saying the Joe Appaloosa is 
> a club race bike, and I'm not saying you will be able to keep up with your 
> road-bike friends on group rides.  I'm not even suggesting that you will 
> match your personal bests on Strava.  What I am saying is that the Joe 
> Appaloosa is remarkably easy to ride.  It is stable and predictable, yet 
> plenty maneuverable and agile.  When it's loaded, it takes some effort to 
> get it moving, but once it gets moving it keeps moving.  It poured 
> yesterday, and I bombed the wet roads with my fat tires with no concerns. 
>  My front-load setup continues to work great.  I confess I did change out 
> the Sun Race shifters (which I like) with the short and stubby Silvers that 
> come as part of the IRD Silver SOS Shifters 
> <http://www.rivbike.com/product-p/sh5.htm> (which I love).  On my ride 
> through Hayward, I pass Tennyson Park, which has a small skate park.   I've 
> often thought of riding my Rivendell timidly on the ramps and such, and 
> did, very timidly.  
> <https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-jMitjMSEX7I/VvGKiY9Y8EI/AAAAAAAADLg/wqZfMHLyFq0IMAVSKzU5et3jYD-v9cCig/s1600/IMG_0874%2B%25281%2529.JPG>
> Joe shreds?
> Now my Want to Scavenge part of my post:
> You bought a 58cm Joe Appaloosa.  You are a crank arm length zealot and 
> you only ride 175s.  You can't stand that your 58cm Joe Appaloosa came with 
> weird 173mm crankarms, and want to change them out, and are grumpy that 
> your complete bike is now going to cost you more to make perfect.  Sell 
> your 173mm Silver crankset AND bottom bracket.  I offer to pay $140 shipped 
> (to El Cerrito CA) for a set of 173s.  
> You bought a 700c wheeled Joe Appaloosa.  You are a "supple tire" zealot 
> and only ride tires that are Jan-approved.  You can't stand that your Joe 
> Appaloosa came with "stout" tires, and are grumpy that your complete bike 
> is now going to cost you more to make perfect.  Sell your Kenda Kwick 
> Bitumin tires to me.  I offer to pay $60 shipped for a pair.  
> Bill call-me-Joe Lindsay
> El Cerrito, CA

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