The Rodin theme was too obvious to adopt, but it was always in the 
background. It'll likely be a frame only, but we're thinking about whole 
bike, and that's not ruled out. Maybe some of each. It may follow CLEM and 
have a seat lug. Sam is already a good road bike, but the clearances big 
you to fill them up with a huge "road?" tire, and Rodini won't allow that. 
Up to 35mm, probably.
Our bike certainly are not inexpensive, but they cannot possibly be any 
less expensive without do-featuring/de-cooling them or replacing the staff 
with wealthy philanthropists or unemployables! 
I think Will and Roman picked the colors. Same sizes as Sam.

On Friday, October 7, 2016 at 12:02:36 PM UTC-7, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> His first name is Leo.  He apparently has paws.  Your Roadini that you buy 
> next summer may have a fake panel.  So far, nothing not to like
> Bill Lindsay
> El Cerrito, CA

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