The internals of a shimano indexed barcon shifter are not repairable.  

1.  What model exactly is your shifter?
2.  exactly which index positions are missed?

The answers to 1 and 2 might imply a setup mistake.  Very often people 
rotate the shifter base by 90 degrees by mistake because the shifter has 
been on and off its based several times in its life and people just lose 
track.  The base piece fits onto a square protuberance on the shift pod. 
 The shifter itself has a round recess with a single rectangular keyway. 
 The corresponding round feature and keyway on the shifter base must be 
oriented correctly.  The correct orientation has the keyway pointing DOWN 
towards the ground, tilted slightly towards the REAR of the bicycle.  

If you are missing random middle shifts, and are not missing one end or the 
other, then this setup error is not your problem and your shifter is just 

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 10:30:49 AM UTC-7, Hugh Smitham wrote:
> I have a right dura ace bar con shifter that misses some of the index 
> positions. It works fine in friction but I like my index. Does anyone know 
> whether the internals are repairable? 
> ~Hugh

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