Global Cycling Network is a British racing-oriented YouTube channel. Much 
of their advice has been typical of most sources cycling information that 
has a racer sort of bias and is not of much interest to this group.

They did a video on wide tires and gave credit to Bicycling Quarterly and, 
by extension, Jan Heine, as their source for all the benefits of fatter 
tires. I don't think they missed a single one of those benefits that BQ has 
given either.

It's not a perfect video. For instance, they claim a racing bike would need 
disc brakes in order to use wider (32mm) tires when we know that racing 
bikes are simply not optimally designed for wider tire clearances in the 
first place. But I've never seen a racer-type media source give such clear 
reasons to use wider-than-25mm tires.

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but it's still cool that BQ's research 
continues to get more into the mainstream. Let us also not forget that it 
was Grant Petersen himself that originally got Jan interested in wider 

Here's the YouTube video <>.

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