Palmer, FWIW, From my experience on a Bombadil(Alba bar) , with the high 
trail handling (and high bars) putting my hands anywhere near the stem 
feels completely unstable, nothing like my custom bike with neutral 
handling which handles like a racing bike and feels just fine with hands on 
the tops of drop bars bombing down hills, but with a higher stem and alba 
bars does not feel ridable with hands there, though some of this may be due 
to the higher center of gravity. Different bars than a Bosco, yes, but not 
so different as both would be high center of gravity. I can't image braking 
from that position ever on either bar, except to say "I did it and 
survived" . Your experience may be completly different of course ! 

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 11:42:53 AM UTC-4, Palmer wrote:
> Hi all,
> After searching the archives, I found Marc Irwin had used and liked 
> interrupter levers on the close to the stem part of the Bosco bars. Anyone 
> else care to chime in? I recently acquired a pair and a long stem is on the 
> way so I will experiment this weekend. 
> Thanks,
> Tom Palmer
> Twin Lake, MI

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