I have a couple of bikes (a Bleriot and a Rivendell custom) using Sugino PX 
cranks with TA Cyclotouriste chainrings. I've been running them for about 
15 years using Shimano 9-speed chains and cassettes without any problem - 
the chainring spacing with the TA spacers seems ok for 9-speed. I recently 
wore out the chain and cassette on one bike, and as I had a spare set of 
10-speed barend shifters, I purchased a 10s cassette and chain. However, I 
found that the chainring spacing was a bit wide for the chain, as when 
shifting down to the small ring it would fairly frequently skate in the gap 
between the chainrings rather than engage the chainring teeth.

The solution turned out to be fairly easy - the TA spacers have a 7mm 
inside diameter and are 3.5mm thick. A 9/32" washer has almost exactly the 
same I.D (9/32 = 7.14mm), so I purchased a couple of dozen of these washers 
in stainless steel from a local hardware store - total cost $2. These 
particular washers were 0.75mm thick, so I used four at each chainring bolt 
location to reduce the spacing to 3mm. This seems almost exactly right for 
the 10-speed chain - it no longer ever sits between the chainrings, and I 
can still use virtually the entire range of the cassette with the small 
chainring without having the chain hit the large ring due to the angle it 
is running at.

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