Mark, it's a Riv-inspired frame being built as a collaboration with a 
friend of mine in Portland... it will be tall, and have an upward-sloping 
TT, a diagatube, long-ish chainstays (19-inch), and built around Rohloff 
IGH rear and dyno front hubs. A re-raked RBW fork, and planning to carry 
majority of camping load up front in panniers and top box/sack. We're going 
to do some interesting things with internal wiring for lights, and as I 
said, it's being built around 700c wheels and minimum width 38m tires. Here 
are some pictures of the work in progress:

Oh, we're also going to run RAID centerpulls with modern bushings and 
salmon pads.

- Andrew, Berkeley

On Friday, October 7, 2016 at 9:35:06 AM UTC-7, Mark Reimer wrote:
> I wouldn't worry about rolling the tires off the rims. My Atlantis has 
> Dyad's and I've ridden up to 2.25 tires and pretty low pressure, never had 
> an issue. Currently running 38mm Barlow Pass tires, desperately trying to 
> wear them out so I can justify the 44mm tires :)
> I've also run similar tire setups on HPlusSon TB14 (basically a 23mm wide 
> box section rim) and Archetype rims, never rolled a tire. Even on Mavic 
> Open Pro rims I have had good luck running 32 Challenge Grifo tires for CX 
> races, down to 28 psi, and never rolled a tire.
> What frame are you building up??
> On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 11:24 PM, Reed Kennedy < 
> <javascript:>> wrote:
>> Andrew,
>> Why not consider the A23? I consider it rather the best of all worlds. 
>> Plus it's available OC (if that's your thing) and you have the option of 
>> going tubeless if you ever decide to give that a try.
>> I've got Atlas on my Hunq and A23 on my MAP. My next wheelset will be 
>> another with A23s in 650B.
>> Reed
>> On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 7:14 PM, BSWP < <javascript:>> 
>> wrote:
>> I'm getting a new frame built up, it's designed for wide tires, and will 
>>> never see less than 38mm Soma C-Lines, but will start off with those lovely 
>>> new 44mm 700c Compass Snoquamie Pass gumwalls. The Velocity Page shows me 
>>> that Dyads are 24mm external and 18.6mm internal, and have 525g mass, while 
>>> Atlas are 25.4mm external and 19.8mm internal, with 620g mass. 
>>> My main concern is tires rolling off the rim, but I think I'll take the 
>>> 100g savings and stick with Dyads, they have been so nice on the QuickBeam, 
>>> running Soma C-Lines.
>>> - Andrew, Berkeley

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