As for durability of the shifters, if they are as good as the original they 
should be great. I still use the original ST thumbies that came with my '83 
Stumpjumper on one bike and another pair on the Bombadil, they both work as 
great as great can be. I agree with Grant that you gotta wonder why any 
other kind of shifter was ever made, other than to be "other than". 

 Sure, you can take them apart but there is nothing to do in there anyways. 
So I don't see how not being user dismantled is an issue.    I hope the new 
ones still have the on-the-fly-no-screwdriver-needed adjustment screw on 
top though.

  The band on the original was one "weak" spot though, as with age and many 
times being adjusted and all, I have had 2 clamps break(the ends). 
Fortunately, I found some replacements on ebay .... yeh, you didn't know 
they existed until there they are, staring you in the face, Sweeeet . 

 I look forward to the Riv ones because well, I can never have enough bikes 
to put them on :)  

  FWIW, I have shifted the same way since I first had a bike the could be 
shifted manually, it was a Fuji-something 10 speed that I bought from a 
doctor in the late 70's. Later on, I worked in a bike shop assembling and 
repairing bikes when the whole indexed thing was becoming big.  As I test 
rode the new bikes, I thought "indexed shifting, hmmm, okay, but I already 
know how to shift". So that was the end of that ..... hey, the feel, sound 
and motion of shifting is as beautiful as any other art . 

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