Dear Steve,
Thanks for the well wishes....I am a cranky convalescent and the pain down my 
left leg makes walking difficult.  Heat and Aleve are helping a bit, while a 
beautiful fall day taunts me.
I apologize for not posting the photos of our ride sooner.  On Monday (Columbus 
Day in the USA),  Steve invited me over for coffee (think that counts toward 
this year coffeneuring challenge-thanks) and then we went on a lovely 5 mile 
ride. Steve named it the Rivendell "iot" ride since his Bleriot and my Cheviot 
end in "iot". Clever!  We had fun riding, talking bikes and sharing local news.
Photos here:
Steve's Bleriot is a 53cm I believe,  and my Cheviot is a 60cm.
All the best,

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