Here is a tip: When sharing a bike I have my own seat post with my own 
saddle mounted. Takes 30 seconds to swap out.
Great article with Fitting guidelines from Peter White 

On Monday, October 10, 2016 at 10:43:54 AM UTC-5, Belopsky wrote:
> In the last half a year, I've gotten a lot more serious about riding, been 
> through a lot of bikes, and just finally seem to be getting down to a fit I 
> am liking, and once again thinking about stem lengths and top tubes and etc.
> In my current garage I have:
> Soma San Marcos, 51cm
> Rivendell Sam Hillborne, 55cm
> All-City Macho King, 52cm
> Cheviot (yet-to-be-finished-and-ridden), 50cm
> The Cheviot may be shared between myself and my partner. She's 5'2. I am 
> 5'7. At worst I will have more seatpost showing/bars a bit higher.
> The Rivendell has an effective top tube (ett) of 570mm. I have a very long 
> stem on it with Albatross bars - I had a Hillborne before, with drop bars, 
> and it felt too big with drops for me, but with the upright bars, all is 
> fine. Fistful of seatpost showing.
> My San Marcos feels real good too, not many miles yet, but fits like what 
> I've been riding... ett of 550mm, bars at saddle height, stem seems to be a 
> 90mm or something like that, 44cm drop bars.. perhaps Philip knows what 
> length he sold it with..
> My All City is my 'go-fast' bike, 853 steel frame with a carbon fork, bars 
> are lower than seat, and that's how I want this bike set. The 52cm frame 
> size actually measures ett 550, a bit more aggressive than the other bike 
> but not much. 90mm stem with 10* rise.
> PBH: 83.x. SH: ~ 71.4
> Riv sizing talks about me riding 55-57cm depending on the frame, but I 
> always worry that the top tube is too long. Anywho, I was under the 
> impression that for a 'fast' bike you want a slightly longer stem, for more 
> weight in the front..but also with bars at seat height I suppose I can ride 
> a bigger frame with a shorter stem - how short is too short, with drop bars 
> - anything can work with some pullback.
> Any others my size/pbh/sh that can comment?

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