+1 for PJW's fitting article.

Aside, tangential but at least remotely related: As I've been putting the
miles on the Matthews (pushing 300 miles -- delivered in March, long layoff
in the summer) I've been of course refining the setup, and one rather large
change has been the descent of the bar from about 1.5" above saddle to
about 1/4" below; just removed the very last 5 mm spacer from the steerer
on Friday.

The bike felt fine with higher bar when I was on the hoods or in the hooks,
but the ramps and flats, where I spend much time when riding dirt*, felt
high and awkward. Now the setup feels just right, with the bar some 2 cm
higher than on my road bikes, but with a 1 cm longer -- 9 cm -- stem and
slightly wider -- 42 versus 37 cm -- Maes Parallels. In fact, it feels so
good that my road bikes' bars may just eventually migrate upward to match
(tho' I'd have to replace the stems).

* Because of this, I am debating whether to leave or to remove the
interrupter levers. I've positioned them outward on the flat, so that I can
grab them easily under the bar when my hands are on the ramps or the curve
transitioning from flat to ramp.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 6:08 AM, Howard Ramsay <txsl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Here is a tip: When sharing a bike I have my own seat post with my own
> saddle mounted. Takes 30 seconds to swap out.
> Great article with Fitting guidelines from Peter White here: http://www.
> peterwhitecycles.com/fitting.htm

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