Hugh (and any other Riv folk having difficulty contacting me),

I replied to your emails and sent a private reply through the forum. You 
can also contact me by emailing directly to "jack.**", where 
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-Jack Keoshian

Raleigh, NC

On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 7:50:02 PM UTC-4, Hugh Smitham wrote:
> Hi Jack,
> I tried sending you a PM regarding the ST crank. Don't know whether you 
> got it or not? Can you shoot me a email.
> ~Hugh
>   Los Angeles, CA
> On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 10:33:09 AM UTC-7, Jack K wrote:
>> Hi Riv-folk,
>> As part of my continuing efforts to turn excess bike bits into rent ...  
>> Lots 
>> of premo stuff here for your consideration!
>> All prices are "+ shipping", where shipping will be a best guess rounded 
>> to $5. Figure $10 for saddles, $15 for panniers and $30 for wheels within 
>> the ConUS. Some things shown in photos, some found after photos taken. 
>> Happy to supply images on request!
>> *Bags and racks:*
>>    - *NEW Carradice Super-C Saddlepack**:*  
>>    Mounts to saddle rails, not the transverse style of Carradice bag. 
>>    Black waterproof cotton duck, lotsa reflective material, 8 liter 
>> capacity, 
>>    This guy:   *$65*
>>    - *NEW MUSA Madden Buzzard Rear Panniers:* 
>>    High quality bags sewn in Boulder, CO, I believe the last generation 
>>    of Madden pannier. Purchased from Adventure Cycling website ($200 in 
>> 2006), 
>>    but never used. High visibility gold/black color combo. Uses a locking 
>>    attachment system that wraps completely around the rack rail, similar to 
>>    Ortlieb, but you engage the lock with the flip of a finger. Lots of 
>>    standard and mesh pockets for organizing & drying damp gear, reflective 
>>    strips for visibility. A great bit of rugged American made kit! This guy 
>>    here:    *$165*
>>    - *NEW Tubus Cosmo Stainless Rear Rack** (with low rider mounts):* 
>>    Installed, then removed without ever having a pannier mounted on it. 
>>    Original version of the Cosmo, so looks like this: 
>> <>
>>    Included is the $13 Tubus "Lower Rack Mounting Kit", which can be used to 
>>    position the rack slightly further back to increase clearance for heels 
>> or 
>>    disc brakes, or help on bikes with shortish chainstays. Paid 
>> $210+$13=$223 
>>    at TheTouringStore.Com; say *$160* for everything.
>> *Wheels and Tires:*
>>    - *Schmidt SON28 Dyno-hub Tandem Wheelset (10/9/8/7 Spd Shimano):* 
>> All silver, 700c, 36 spoke Schmidt classic front hub, 40 spoke DT/Hugi 
>>    tandem rear hub (threaded on left for drag brake), Velocity Dyad rims, 
>>    spaced 145 mm OLD (modern non-Santana tandem standard). Bought on 
>>    list or eBay (can’t remember) a few years ago to build my ultimate 
>> BOB-ish 
>>    tandem, then never used. Original owner stated they were built by Peter 
>>    White and had less than 1000 miles. I can’t confirm that, but build and 
>>    condition seem consistent. Look good to me, but assume they’ll need a 
>>    touch-up truing (my assumption with any used wheels). No skewers. Cost 
>>    considerably more than $800 to build,   *$525.*
>>    - *NEW 26” (559) XT M760 / Mavic 717 Wheelset (V-Brake, 10/9/8/7 Spd 
>>    Shimano):* 
>> All silver. Purchased from one of the big online retailers (Colorado 
>>    Cyclist most likely) back in the 9 speed era when XT M760 was current, 
>> but 
>>    never used. When received I did mount a cassette and two different tires 
>> to 
>>    test the fit of the tires in my touring frame, then hung in my garage for 
>> a 
>>    decade. Silver XT M760 hubs, 32 stainless butted spokes front and rear, 
>>    light/expensive Mavic XC717 rims, original silver XT skewers, tags still 
>>    attached.   *$275*
>>    - 
>> *Grand Bois Cypres Tires (a pair of 700c x 32): *Purchased from a fellow 
>>    iBOB, but never used. Tread shows no visible wear, but sidewalls dirty, 
>> so 
>>    I assume they've been ridden a bit. These guys: 
>>   *$65*
>>    - *NEW Hutchinson TopSlick Tires (a pair of 26" x 1.2" or 559 x 
>>    31mm):*
>> New, still in packaging. One tire was test mounted, but never ridden. 
>>    High thread count (127 tpi) tires with flexible sidewalls. 340 grams / 
>>    tire, including the packaging.  *$35*
>> *Components:*
>>    - *NEW-In-Box Dura-Ace 9 Speed Bar-End Shifters:* 
>> Bought for (yet another) project that didn’t happen. This is the full 
>>    kit, with shifters, pods, cables, pre-cut cable housing, BB guide and 
>>    down-tube cable stops. Everything that’s metal is beautifully polished 
>>    alloy. These ones here:   
>>    *$85*
>>    - *NEW-In-Box Schmidt SONdelux:* 
>> 32 hole, polished, rim brake model, 100mm width, includes bolt-on skewer 
>>    – everything exactly as it comes from Schmidt. Purchsed from Boulder 
>>    Bicycles where it had been built into a wheel, then immediately unbuilt 
>>    again when customer changed his/her mind. Zero use on this, but very 
>> slight 
>>    marks on flanges from spokes. A really beautiful bit of kit! This is it: 
>>    *$225*
>>    - *NOS SunTour XC-Pro Crankset:*
>> 100% original, never mounted beauty! 170mm, stock 46/36/26 SunTour 
>>    PowerRings™, JIS taper. Cold forged, meticulously polished (even the 
>> backs) 
>>    and anodized. They don’t make them like this anymore – literally. Like 
>> this 
>>    one (but with stock granny ring): Note, 
>>    these make a great double, just remove the granny and its’ spacers. 
>>    Anodizing on middle ring slightly faded.   * $225*
>>    - *Nitto 185 Handlebar (26.0, 42cm, “Mark’s Bar” shape):*
>> Take-off bar purchased from Belmont Wheelworks Annex about 15 years ago, 
>>    but never used. Was packaged as new, but scratches & tape residue on bar, 
>>    some marks on center section. Not for your best bike, but 100% 
>> functional. 
>>    Same shape as current “Mark’s bar” (82mm reach, 135mm drop), but 325 
>>    gram weight. See:   *$38* 
>>    - *Modern Shimano Brake-only Levers:* 
>>    Same as the Tiagra levers on Riv's website, but the Tiagra's light 
>>    gray plastic bit between the hood and the alloy lever blade is a much 
>>    better black on these (I believe these were marketed as Ultegra, but 
>> Riv’s 
>>    site seems to say they’re Dura-Ace). Look here: 
>> Alloy lever blades are 
>>    pretty much perfect, but hoods showing light wear from use. (Hoods $13 
>> from 
>>    Riv)  *$30* 
>>    - *NEW Nitto Handlebar Shim (25.4 **à*
>> * 26.0): *Stainless steel shim still sealed in original package.  *$8*
>> *Saddles:*
>>    - *NEW Brooks B15 Swallow Titanium (Brown):* 
>>    Titanium rails, no box, new saddle on display card, no other 
>>    paraphernalia. This one:   *$265    *(Add 
>>    matching Brooks microfiber bar tape for *$20*)
>>    - *NEW Brooks B15 Swallow Titanium (Honey):* 
>>    New-In-Box, titanium rails, includes spanner, paperwork, etc…. This 
>>    one:   *$285    *(Add matching Brooks 
>>    microfiber bar tape for *$20*)
>>    - *LN Brooks C13 Ultralight Carbon Framed Wunder Saddle:*
>> Carbon framed 258 gram Brooks with the springy, hammock-like Cambium 
>>    feel! Used on a couple of short test rides. Indistinguishable from new, 
>>    even to my notoriously picky eye & tail-section! This one here: 
>>     *$170*
>>    - *EC+ Ti Fizik Arione Classic:* 
>> All black, titanium rails (248 grams on my scale), used on two rides, 
>>    certainly less than 75 miles total. Pretty much indistinguishable from 
>> new, 
>>    except for slight loss of “Arione” lettering screened onto side of saddle 
>>    from thigh rub. Was suggested on iBOB a few years back, but didn’t work 
>> for 
>>    me. This one:    *$75 *
>>    - *EC Ti Fizik Aliante Carbon Twin Flex:* 
>> All black, titanium rails and carbon shell with carbon/gel trampoline for 
>>    support (246 grams on my scale), this precise model doesn’t appear to be 
>>    available anymore. Highly recommended on iBOB and actually worked very 
>> well 
>>    for me over a few hundred miles of use, but I’m using other things now. 
>>    Very slight marks on rubber side bumpers, no other obvious signs of use 
>>    except some loss of “Aliante” lettering screened onto side of saddle from 
>>    thigh rub.   *$75 *
>> *Post Ride Refreshment:*
>>    - *NEW YayLabs! Ice Cream Maker Ball:* 
>>    Brand new and in the original box, Yaylabs! Play & Freeze Ice Cream 
>>    Maker makes a quart of ice cream as you or the kids roll it around. Great 
>>    fun for kids (of all ages!) at parties or picnics. Uses no electricity, 
>> so 
>>    can be used anywhere there's ice; i.e. camping, picnics, boating, at the 
>>    playground, etc ... 
>>    This is the updated "Mega" size ball, that makes a quart of ice 
>>    cream, rather than the original ball's pint. Highly rated with 4.5 stars 
>>    out of 5 on Amazon:
>>    Video review of the ice cream ball in action:
>>    Received as gift, but never used. *  $20 + shipping*  
>> Cheers and safe riding!
>> -Jack
>> Raleigh, NC 

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