On 10/16/2016 05:53 PM, John Bokman wrote:
I switched several years ago from Brooks B-17 which I had ridden on for years on several bikes. i had issues with decomposition of B-17s over time to where they became uncomfortable - even with the "Select" version. Also, I found as I began to ride in a more forward leaning manner (lowered my bars for more comfort, contrary to what is often preached here), the B-17 shape didn't work for me.

So I switched to Berthoud and have been happy as a clam ever since. I've been riding the Aspin now for about 3 years. Better quality (thicker, stiffer leather; no hamered rivets to eventually dig into ones backside as the leather around the rivet wears; completely rebuildable saddle because the saddle is bolted to the rails, not hammered in. Just a better design, in my opinion.

Caveat: it took me 500 miles to break the saddle to where riding anything more than 20 miles was comfortable. But, after 3 years, the saddle is broken, but not broken. Just thicker, stiffer material that will last much longer, I am sure. Highly recommended.

It takes me about 500 miles to break in an Aspin, too. I presume you mean "broken in but not broken" - and that's very true.

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