I have 2 rigid 29ers, a Hunq and a steel 29er built by Aherne with geo 
commonly found on most mtn bikes. Even though they are both steel and don't 
have suspension they ride very differently. The Aherne with it's higher bb 
and more aggressive positioning is super fun to ride on all terrain. The 
Hunq while much better loaded and way more comfortable for all day riding 
is not as capable when the trail gets really rough. Pedal strikes are much 
more common. 
They are both awesome but in different ways. The hunq can do it all but if 
unloaded singletrack shredding is your priority then there are many more 
capable bikes. If loaded touring, comfort, style, with solid off road 
capability is what you want then the Hunq will satisfy you completely. 

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 4:35:27 PM UTC-7, Broccoli Cog wrote:
> Every since my first Riv (a sam) I have been lusting after a Hunqapillar. 
> You guys warned me! You were right!! I already have a fat bike, a Surly 
> ICT, I have ridden that bike everywhere and ride it like I would a Mountain 
> Bike. On singletrack that is not super technical the ICT is a blast to 
> ride. I ride with people on traditional mountain bikes and really don't 
> feel like I am giving up much . I am wondering what a Hunq would be like 
> riding as a trail bike. Any owners out there who ride it like a regular 
> mountain bike? Wondering what your experience have been. Thanks!

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