On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 2:42:55 PM UTC-5, Don Compton wrote:
>  Has anyone with issues similar to mine switched over to a Berthoud saddle 
> and felt some improvement?

I had a bunch of B17's over the years, most of which developed pretty large 
twists, and all of which tended to cause sores. I have a Berthoud Touring 
on my brevet bike and I have been very happy with it. 

Several years ago Sean Virnig tipped me to the Dimension Afton Classic, 
which has a shape and size that is very close to the B17, and cost about 
$25. It's not as wide in the back, only 145mm, but the extra width at the 
back of the B17 (and Berthoud) is where the Afton starts to taper, in back 
of where you actually sit. I've ridden the Afton on a 600km with no 
trouble. I used the Afton instead of the Berthoud on the Ride Across 
Wisconsin (178 miles) this year because of the wet weather and it was 
great. Alas, the Afton Classic is no longer made, but the Soma Ensho is 
pretty much identical (but twice the price) and, like the Afton, actually 
made by Velo/Taiwan. For me the critical dimensions are the shape between 
the legs, the sit bone support area, and (very important) the rise of the 
back area (or, the dip in the middle, between the nose and the tail). The 
B17, Berthoud, Afton, and Ensho are all very similar in those dimensions. 
Interesting additional note - my wife loves the Afton - first time we've 
ever agreed on a saddle.

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