agreed with drew and kurt. I got a hunq as my first 'mountain bike', it's 
still my favorite bike by far as outfitted with rat trap pass tires it 
functions great as an all purpose road and trail bike, but for technical 
and dedicated mountain bike riding (ie, drive my bike out to a singletrack 
trail system) I went ahead and got a Jones plus with 3" tubeless tires at 
~10 psi which I prefer for lots of rocks, roots, and twisty singletrack 
(not ot mention better handling for sharp downhill turns). ice cream truck 
was on my radar before I got the jones. if you're happy w/ the ict but want 
something else for touring outfitted with a rack or two, albastache bars, 
and all general rounder-ness, hunq would make a great compliment ;)

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