I'll chime in with a quick six year synopsis of my leather saddle 

I like B-17's with upright bars but they don't work in drop bar mode for me 
(too wide at the rear and in-between my legs). I tried a Brooks Swift in 
drop bar mode for a while, which, wasn't too bad but did sag so much over a 
short period of use (maybe two seasons) that I started to become frustrated 
with the whole finicky leather saddle thing altogether. I haven't enjoyed 
the continual evolving towards sag experience much but I do like the feel 
of leather saddles (way more than the Cambiums -- but that's another story).

Next I tried an older Team Pro, which, by the numbers seemed like it would 
be a better fit for my drop bar position (and it was). Unfortunately, it 
deteriorated and ripped (but that was really due to it's age more than 
anything else). 

So faced with the decision to buy a new Team Pro -- or try yet another 
saddle -- I went with the Aspin (Arivis, actually -- but same shape) 
because that saddle also looked to fit my needs based on the numbers. And 
it did -- but here's the odd part -- I must be the only person to be 
disappointed with it's longevity. It broke in very quickly (read: sagged) 
and once, when soaked in a rainstorm I didn't see coming -- sagged so much 
that I thought it was a goner. To it's credit, I was able to get it back 
into shape again and am finishing a second season with it -- though, I've 
had to run the tension bolt in a bunch more than expected -- and again, I 
always have that nagging feeling that it's sagging towards state of 
ultimate uselessness. 

I like that I can at least order new leather for it -- but wish I'd had 
that 500 mile break-in period everyone talks about and the impression that 
the leather is somehow thicker. Mine does not seem overly thick compared to 
the Books models I've used in the past ... and well, it's not behaving much 
differently, either. 

It is comfortable, however,  and I get that these are leather saddles, 
therefor somewhat subject to the varying nature of "natural"  material -- 
so I suppose I'll try replacing the leather sooner or later ... if not next 
season then likely the season after.

I am curious if anyone else has had a similar Berthoud experience -- I 
weigh between 150 and 160lb, generally, btw.

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 7:59:44 AM UTC-4, Steve Palincsar wrote:
> On 10/17/2016 12:36 AM, Lungimsam wrote: 
> > Is tge name pronounced: 
> > "Ber-toad", or 
> > "Bear-tood" 
> According to google translate, bear-too, with a rolling r 

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