There are about a dozen things that can make noise when you pedal.  In my 
opinion, the best approach is to change one thing at a time to narrow down 
the list.  Also, on the front end, I have three questions.  Two are 
objective and one is more of a personality-test question

1.  Is it a 'click' or a 'tick' or a 'pop' or a 'clunk' or a 'thunk'.  
2.  Does it happen when the driveside crank is at 12 oclock?  3 o'clock?  9 
o'clock?  Somewhere else?  Random?
3.  Does it drive you to distraction because it makes sound?  Or does it 
drive you to distraction because you don't know why it makes sound?  Or 
does it drive you to distraction because you believe the sound indicates 
something is wrong?  

The best general approach is to change one thing at a time.  Starting from 
Patrick Moore's list, if it is coming from the seat and/or seatpost, then 
you for sure would be incapable of making it click while standing.  Does it 
click while pedalling out of the saddle?  If yes, it's not the seat or 
seatpost.  If no, you have a great area to look.  Moving to Eric Norris' 
suggestion, just swap the pedals.  Did it change?   If yes, it's the 
pedals.  If no, scratch the pedals off the list.  

etc etc

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 4:57:30 AM UTC-7, Eric Karnes wrote:
> I could use the collective wisdom of the group...
> I have clicking sound that is driving me to distraction. It occurs on my 
> SimpleOne when I pedal. Sounds like one click per pedal rotation and it's 
> especially bad when I'm cranking down when I'm powering up a 
> hill. I'm pretty sure it's coming from the crank area. Two issues add to 
> the mystery:
> 1. Everything is new. Brand new Shimano UN55 bottom bracket and new Sugino 
> XD2 crankset/chainrings. While it was my first bottom bracket install, I 
> think everything went smoothly. Drive side threaded in almost all the way 
> by hand without a problem. Non-drive side was a bit tougher, and I needed a 
> wrench, but I attributed it to the anti-seize tape that they cover the 
> threads with on that side. Cranked everything down by hand with a big o' 
> wrench ala the Riv video and torqued the crank bolts to the proper specs. 
> 2. This has happened twice before. My previous commuter, an old Trek 
> converted to single speed had the same problem. Brand new Shimano UN55 
> installed by my LBS. Started clicking after 10 miles or so and never 
> stopped. And the previous BB/crank on the SimpleOne had the same noise, 
> albeit louder.
> Any suggestions? Has anyone run into a similar problem before? I'm fairly 
> new to fixed/ss. Am I missing something?
> Thanks!
> Eric

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