I've used these Tektros on a couple of bikes:

Cheap @ $20 a pair.  Have a clever adjustment allowing use with either 
canti or linear pull V-brakes.  Not high precision, a bit rattly but 
nothing offensive.  Functionally excellent, aesthetically so-so.  


On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 10:46:24 PM UTC-7, Eric Karnes wrote:
> Hi all-
> I'm building up a budget build for my new-to-me Hilsen. And I'm in need of 
> some levers for the Albatross bars...something similar to the various 
> 'mountain' levers that Riv sells. Anyone have anything they're looking to 
> get rid of? Preferably something that doesn't take up too much bar space 
> and is cheap. But if you're dying to get rid of some Paul levers, who am I 
> to argue? I have a few Technomic stems and various other things I could 
> trade...or I can reimburse you with cold, hard PayPal cash.
> Thanks!
> Eric

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