One more random possibility to add to the list, which has plagued me in the 
past.  Fits with the "one click per revolution" description:

If I understand correctly, you are using two chainrings.  Are there any 
rivets or screws on your largest ring?   If it has a pin on the outside, 
intended to keep chains that drop to the outside from wedging into the 
space behind the crank arm, it might be riveted or screwed in place.   Or 
perhaps there are some ramps riveted on to aid shifts, if it's not a 
single-speed specific ring?   

If your chainline isn't good, or if you're using a wider chain (like an 
8-speed chain on rings with 9-speed spacing between them), the reduced 
clearance could cause the chain to strike one of those rivets or pieces on 
the adjacent chainring.   Easy way to test is if it happens when chain on 
the smaller/middle chainring only.   Obviously you don't need those things 
on a Simple One, so you could remove them.  Or you could use a narrower 
chain, or refine the chainline... 

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